BIO HealthSystem®

The 1st stove that purifies the home air, even in summer!


BIO pellet stoves with HealthSystem®

The BIO pellet stove is the new project by company Fair for heating, purifying and sanitizing the air in the environments in which we live. Innovation arises from the company’s thirty-year experience in the field of purification, ionization and electrostatic filtration. The revolutionary “HealthSystem®” emits a large amount of negative ionic particles in the home air, stabilizing the electromagnetic balance in the surrounding environment, neutralizing odors, smoke, dust, and with them most of the harmful bacteria in the air. It is scientifically confirmed that the enrichment of negative ions in environments (as in nature) improves breathing and oxygenation


The warmth of wood in tradition, technology and well-being

PRO Pellet Stoves

The PRO pellet stove series includes the line of ventilated , ducted, boiler pellet stoves and pellet boilers. The production is entirely Made in Italy, certified by accredited institutes. These models with a unique and elegant design are designed to achieve maximum functionality, versatility and greater autonomy. Thanks to the latest technologies applied, you can manage your stove remotely with WayApp, the application that allows you to control the “status” in real time and adjust the functions as on the display.


Improve your comfort in summer and winter

Residential e Business Air Conditioners

The residential air conditioning series includes mono and multi split lines up to 5 indoor units of various types. This series includes air conditioners without outdoor unit and portable air conditioners.
The business series offers cassette, ceiling / floor, canalized, column models and air barriers. All our air conditioners have an original, simple and elegant design. They are equipped with ecological refrigerant and made for maximum functionality and practicality in maintenance. In the latest models, the new remote Wi-Fi control allows you to manage the air conditioning in real time.


The air is always 99,9% purified and ionized

Superior and Professional Air Purifiers

The new series of superior air purifiers has been realized with innovative materials (Baydur) and includes the recessed and ceiling lines. The professional series, made with a precious wood structure, is composed of ceiling and wall models. All models comply with environmental safety and hygiene regulations and have been designed for maximum efficiency. Thanks to ionization, Fair purifiers restore the natural air quality, representing the ideal electroclimate for the human body. The ease of use and maintenance make the purifiers particularly suitable to be installed in offices, studios and private homes.

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